6 Hour Game Jam

Theme: Bees

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Louisville KY's Indie Game Dev Community

Louisville KY's JavaScript Group

Indie dev team who love ice cream!

6 Hour Game Jam

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Create a game concept in 6 hours!

"Wait what...? only 6 hours? I can't make a game in 6 hours, even 48 hours is usually cutting it close for even a simple game."
#6HourGameJam is not about creating a normal jam game, this is about creating a concept or single mechanic.
Most importantly #6HourGameJam is to learn and stretch yourself!


  • A programmer could make a fun but simple working prototype using colored boxes.
  • An artist could create scenes, and develop characters for a brand new game world.
  • A musician could compose tracks or theme music based on the jam theme.
  • A designer could sketch storyboards, and write character backstories/dialogue.

Is this a competition?

No, just for fun.

Who can participate, and how?

Anyone in the whole world! Just submit your game by the deadline (TBA)

Okay, what are the rules?

  • Everyone starts when the theme is unveiled at 1pm. there will be one theme selected from the list, everyone will use the same theme.
  • Work solo on your game, no teams.
    -Wait!! I can't program!
    This is about exploring a concept - if you only do art, come up with an idea, draw some characters / backgrounds/ design a few levels and write a bit about how your game would work.
  • No existing/premade assets. (feel free to add those post-jam, but not in the version you submit!)
  • You own your game, you just give #6HourGameJam the right to keep it on our site.
  • You are free to make post-jam versions, make money etc You own your game.
  • You must host your game yourself! (try itch.io)

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